Google Adsense approval

Dont waste time for 6 months for Google adsense approval

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You know that google adsense is very strict in these days we are using genuine method so grab your account now.

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Google adsense terms have been strict for india and other asian countries for the last few years.So,it may be difficult to get adsense account in india for you,it takes 6 moths or later,....but don’t worry we will get you adsense approval within 10 hours.

You can pay before we give you the account using the bank transfer or after we show you your new gmail adsense account screenshot. You can then link your account with blogger or you can add the ads to your website...

When you mail me, send your contact number,payee name(in this name you will receive check),full address,date of birth.

You can pay me Rs.500 after I send the screenshot of your newly created gmail adsense account through mail. After paying i will tell you new adsense account username & password.

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